Community Activism Timeline 


Nuala has dedicated herself to our community for nearly two decades. She has worked and fought alongside us on many important issues and projects. 


Moves to JH with husband and baby Nuala. Has 4 more kids in 4 years (Patrick and Peter born, Paty and Tefy immigrate to NY from Ecuador)


– Joins the School Leadership Team at PS. 222 (stays until 2013)


– Works with LaGuardia College’s English Language Center to help my new daughters learn English

– Joins Newcomers High School PTA


– Girl Scout Leader in Jackson Heights with Bella Tibbal

– Begins volunteering for JHBG clean streets team with Beatrice Ruiz


– Writes first grant for cleaning up 69th Street

– Opens JH Dog run on 60th Street under BQE w/JHBG

– Marches with my family to CB3 meeting to close 78th Street Play Street

    – Sets up/maintains/creates programming for 78th Play Street ever Sunday morning wThe /Green Alliance


– Starts local Children’s Chorus with Jennifer Florez

– Joins School Leadership team at PS 149 (stays until 2016) 

– Starts first garden on 69th Street (between 37th & 35th Ave)

– Works on taking care of local street trees along 37th Ave

– Starts planting daffodil bulbs yearly from 69th-100th Street


– Elected PTA president of PS 222


– Hosts first Principal’s Night so community can meet all local principals, learn about public schools and rezoning for opening of PS 280

– Hosts bike helmet give-a-way @ Travers Park with Cristina Furlong

– Play Street opens Saturday & Sundays w/ The Green Alliance (sets up/maintains)

– Obtains a grant to redo garden PS 149


–  Starts Parent Power Workshops w/Amanda Vender 

– Founding member JH People for Public Schools with Amanda Vender

– Joins School Leadership Team at IS 145 (stays until 2015)

– Joins Diversity Plaza Planning Committee w/JHBG

– Begins JH Orchestra with Pat Glunt

– Works with community partners to organize the purchase of what is now Rory Staunton Field from the Garden School.

– Helps provide programming all summer at Travers Park.

– Starts a garden next to the Food Bazaar on 34th Ave and Junction Blvd

– Starts Tree Give-a-way for community  w/NY Restoration Project 

– Starts with JHBG the JH  Composting Center


– Joins with founders Cristina Furlong and Laura Newman of Three Children Too Many (forerunner to Make Queens Safer) after 3 children were killed in 18 months on Northern Blvd

– Partners w/ PS 222 to feed homeless sandwiches & cookies w/Jorge Munõz 

– Brings the Police Athletic League to the 78th Street Playstreet for FREE summer camp for three years

– Facilitates It’s My Park Day cleanup @ Travers

– Secures $3k grant for gardens at local schools

– Begins weekly gardening team from April to November throughout Jackson Heights

– Begins Leverich Cemetery clean up with a team of volunteers

– Starts garden at PS 280

– Cleans out and starts tulip garden at 37th Ave and 69th Street


– Advocates for the purchase of White Castle space for school (becomes PS 398)

– Begins attending Community Education Council meetings to advocate for PS 398

– Elected to Community Education Council 30 (Vice President)

– Joins School Leadership team at IS 230 (until 2019)

– Builds raised beds at PS 280

– Hosts Principal’s Dinner for all local principals to meet and discuss issues

– Installs 9 metal tree surrounds on 37th Ave in front of PS 222 and along the avenue.

– Begins building over 100 green and white tree guards in the neighborhood

– Cleans out 69th Street and 34th Ave. Rafael’s Garden


 – CEC mandates all D30 schools to host Sneak Peek trainings (which Nuala created) to teach parents how to get involved in school. (formerly known as Parent Power)

– Volunteers for local immigrant rights group

– Hosts 2 more Principal’s Dinners

– Helps in planning The Good Neighbor Award (JHBG)

– Hosts neighborhood chorus w/Wendy Martin

– Runs Summer Sundays in the Park

– Starts BQE garden at 34th Ave.


– Serves as President of Jackson Heights Beautification Group (until 2019)

– Produces a performance of You Are Now the Owner of this Suitcase at PS 149 with Ari Laura Krieth

– Starts Sunflower Project at 69th Street and Northern w/ Rodrigo Salazaar 

– Renovates PS 92 nd PS 148 garden


 – Sponsors portfolio building class for children who want to apply for art high schools w/Deb Wasserman

– Joins Community Board 3 

– Works with local girl scout troop to paint mural on 65th Street between 35th Ave and Broadway

 – Hosts Christmas Party for community volunteers

– Starts garden on 64th Street /Northern Blvd.


– Joins with Guardians of Flushing Bay and learns about AirTrain

– In charge of the zoning for PS 398

– Holds Rat Academy to inform community and work daily w/Sanitation Dept and a team of volunteers to rid the community of rats

– Assists with Jackson Heights Immigrant Solidarity Network

– Begins working w/Breaking Ground, 108 Precinct and Jimmy Van Bramer to address the homeless issue under the BQE

– Opens a community meeting space for progressive groups at 72-24 Broadway (across from Diversity Plaza)

– Starts holding forums to educate neighborhoods about engaging in the democratic process with County Committee

– Elected PTA President for IS 230

– Secures funding for local programming through JHBG for our community

– Starts garden on 65th Street between 35th & 34th Ave


– Begins advocating for community wide school slow zones on 34th Ave w/NYC DOT’s Jason Banrey.

– Lobbys city legislatures to pass Street Master Plan  (w/Trans Alt)

– Participates in city wide action for safe streets and the official #FixNorthernBlvd campaign with Jim Burke

– Testifies at the LGA AirTrain Aviation Round Table sponsored by FAA

– Start FB group Sensible Way to LGA, an anti AirTrain page

– Participates in the AirTrains public hearings

– Starts a petition for an elevator at 82nd Street subway station 

– Meets with city DOT and mayor’s office about Koppel controversy at Travers Park

– Creates program to encourage parent advocacy in our local public schools

– Starts education forum for families with kids in PreK and 3K

– Hosts Kindergarten Forum at PS 148 

– Starts  kids and family summer programing at Travers (JHBG sponsored). Hosts 25 events

– Initiates the grant for Santa Bike Ride w/Claudia & Rodney Corcino 

– Hosts PTA Appreciation Breakfast for all local schools

– Organizes JH’s first Holiday Market w/ Ann O’Connor

– Develops adult and child scavenger hunt in the neighborhood

– Organizes community clean up with the USA United Serpa Association with Angela Sherpa

– Starts 31Ave and 68th Street garden 

– Starts PS 92 free Afterschool Gardening Program

– Paints PS 148 Fence

– Works on clean-up wth 100 volunteers at  St. Michael’s Soccer Field

– Builds shed at compost center @ 69th St & 35th Ave

– Set-up/clean up and planting along Sunnyside bike lane w/ Alan Baglia (stainable streets advocate)


– Initiates Weekly Bus Actions in opposition to the MTA’s proposed redesigns w/Jim Burke & a team of volunteers

– Accepts appointment of co-chair position for #FixNorthernBlvd Campaign (Queens Transportation Alternative)

– Continues rallying against AirTrain 

– Advocates for PS 222 with School Construction Authority for outdoor space

– Works with New Reformers and QCCforALL to recruit and education people on how to run for county committee

– Elected to board of Together We Can Community Resource Center on Roosevelt Ave

– Founder of COVID Care Neighbor Network which feeds people during the pandemic

– Co-chair of the 34th Ave Open Streets Coalition – 

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