Nuala for 34th Assembly District
Nuala Nuala O'Doherty on megaphone wearing sunglasses in blue shirt fighting for the 34th assembly district VOLUNTEER CONTRIBUTE

Why I'm Running For State Assembly

I’m a mother of five, a long time community organizer and a t-shirt lover. I’m a fierce education activist; organizing immigrant mothers into a coalition of community leaders.

As a twenty year resident of Jackson Heights and the past president of Jackson Heights Beautification Group, I know after organizing hundreds of events in our neighborhood how important community is to us. I know that making our public spaces both beautiful and full of life brings us all together.

Fighting for our 39,000 public school kids as a member of Community Education Council, I know first hand how we can make our schools better.

After spending weeks personally educating thousands of our neighbors in both English and Spanish about the Queens Bus Redesign, I know how critical our transportation network is to our neighborhood. I have been taking your stories straight to the MTA to ensure we save our extensive bus network and make sure Jackson Heights get better, faster buses not service cuts.

As a former prosecutor and a volunteer for Transportation of Alternatives. I will make sure our streets are safe to cross during the day and safe to walk home at night.

I have worked, together with my neighbors, fighting for safer streets, greener public spaces, and funding for schools, parks and neighborhood programming. Now I want to take the fight to Albany. It would be an honor to represent you and advocate for all the things that I know are important to us. I’m running for State Assembly of District 34 to represent our community in a deeper way.

This is a community powered campaign. I’m counting on you, my neighbors, for your help, support and encouragement. Together, we can do this!

Please join us,

Nuala Naranjo O'Doherty