Health care is a human right and it should be our shared responsibility to care for our community.

To ensure this right we must pass the NY Health Act, but to do so, we need leadership in Albany to champion it. Over one million New Yorkers are currently uninsured and even more are underinsured. Health care should be about patient care, not insurance company profits. We deny health care to our neighbors, yet spend about 20% of each health care dollar to support the insurance industry.  In 2018, I worked with the NY Health Act supporters and learned how this one revolutionary bill could give all New Yorker’s freedom to change jobs, change relationships, start a small business, go back to school—all without worrying about health insurance for ourselves, or our families. In 2019, I went to Albany to advocate for its passage, knowing the stranglehold of the health care system on our lives.


COVID-19 taught us all a valuable yet heartbreaking lesson, the health of our neighbors and people we come into daily contact with, can impact our own health. Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves to have the best care. We need to pass the New York State of Health Act (A.5248a, S.3577a) now. It’s past due.

The plan itself is very comprehensive. It would cover all medically necessary care including medical, prescription, vision, dental, hearing, long-term care, mental health and even substance abuse treatment. It would also give you freedom to choose. You choose the doctors you want. No more networks. New York residents and workers would be covered under the plan.

Universal coverage is funded through a graduated tax on income, based on one’s ability to pay. This will make healthcare costs cheaper for 98% of New Yorkers. Most business healthcare costs will also be reduced. Public hospitals and clinics in New York will receive fair payment for the patients they serve. And no co-pays, deductibles or premiums. The cost of drugs and devices will also decrease since direct negotiation with pharmaceutical companies and medical device makers will take place.

NY Health Act is estimated to save $45 billion by cutting out the insurance companies. No more paying administrative costs and profits to insurance companies.

The one thing that is often overlooked is that the NY Health Act would bring many people freedom. Even if you lose your job, you will still have health coverage. How many people do you know who stay at jobs they dread just to keep their insurance coverage? This would become a thing of the past.

We must pass the NY State of Health now. It is best for everyone’s well-being.

*New York State Nurses Association are in full support of NY Health Act.

fighting for healthcare for all


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