Fully Fund

Our Schools

For too long Albany has starved our schools.

In fact Albany owes our schools almost $4 billion dollars. We must prioritize our children’s education–it’s an investment in our future. Our community is lucky to have excellent local public schools–imagine their potential if they were fully funded. 

  • New York State must comply with court-ordered fair student funding as prescribed by law and reduce our class size. 
  • We must provide culturally appropriate education for all our students. 

The state needs to fully fund the schools in our district that serve our highest-need communities first and stop diverting funds to charter schools.  

Why has our current leadership let Albany off the hook? Why have they allowed our schools to be short-changed year after year? Eight of our local schools are owed over a million dollars each. I spent more than 25 years on different School Leadership Teams, moving pennies between programs trying to keep them alive.  This makes me uniquely qualified to go to Albany and use my experience to reclaim the money our schools are owed, to bring that money home where it belongs, so all of our schools can thrive.

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Nuala knows how our school system works and will represent local interests in Albany.