In Response to Questions about my Profession, my Activism and my Family

I have been posting useful information on this [jhfamilies] listserv for a decade and have tried to keep politics to a minimum. However, several posters have made wild assumptions about my legal career, community service, and activism, so I wanted to respond. For almost 20 years, I have worked daily to make this a better… Read more »


We Need to Scale Back the NYPD and Change Our Policing Priorities

Demonstrators at a park holding up signs

The brutal killing of George Floyd has rattled the country. Ever since video cameras captured the beating of Rodney King back in 1991, we have seen countless people of color killed by police officers. These deaths sicken me and make me angry, as they do much of our country. We have had enough. The question… Read more »


The NY Health Act – If Not Now, When?

COVID-19 taught us all a valuable yet heartbreaking lesson, the health of our neighbors and people we come into daily contact with, can impact our own health. Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves to have the best care. We need to pass the New York State of Health Act (A.5248a, S.3577a) now. It’s past… Read more »


NY Must Vote By Mail

New York must prepare now for the June 23, 2020 election—if it is held.  Since petitions were filed in March, two Board of Elections employees have died from the COVD virus.  Yesterday, we witnessed how the Wisconsin primary forced people to choose between safety and civic duty.New York State must allow anyone who wants to… Read more »


Pass a Budget of Compassion

New York must pass a budget that is consistent with our values and our beliefs, we must pass a budget to fully fund our state now and leverage our resiliency, we must pass a budget of compassion. As I sit and write this, in Jackson Heights, Queens, with ambulances passing by my window en route… Read more »

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