There’s so much going on, it can be easy to forget about voting. But now more than ever, we need representation that will fight for the things our community needs.

This June there will be a pivotal democratic primary. For years, the Queens Democratic machine made sure we had no choice, if we went to the polls we had to vote for their candidate. Times have changed; this June there will be up to 10 different contested elections including Congressional, NYS Senate, NYS Assembly and county committee seats. We will have real choices. Two years ago we fractured the Queens democratic machine. This June is our chance to smash it and have real change going forward.  

Our current NYS Assembly member was handed the job over 10 years ago. He has never been challenged and has been asleep at the wheel. Our community is facing unprecedented challenges and we need a real fighter to stand up for us in Albany.

For twenty years I have been fighting for our community. I have fought for education, green spaces, better buses, safer streets, and pandemic food stamps. I founded COVID-Care Neighbor Network in response to this pandemic that is devastating our neighborhood.

I am running to represent you and this community in Albany, but the first step must be to make sure people can vote.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, all registered Democrats can vote by mail for the June 23 Democratic primary. To do so you must go to and request an absentee ballot. You have until June 16 to request the ballot. Once it is mailed to you, you fill it out and mail it back no later than June 22.

We will have limited in person early voting from June 13 to June 21 and then a primary day on June 23.

I encourage everyone to vote by mail. Why expose our neighbors and possibly spread the virus, when we can simply mail in the ballot?

Here is a video showing you how to request your absentee ballot.