Last night our neighborhood came out in force for the third time in a row telling the MTA how much we love our buses and how we want our bus service improved, not cut.

The problem now is a crisis of confidence.  The MTA says they’re listening, but how do we trust them? This is the same MTA that submitted a plan that gutted bus service in our neighborhood.

How do we trust the MTA when the initial plan they submitted eliminated the Q29, eliminate to Q53,  cut almost all service the 74th Street, cut our Q32 to Manhattan, cut Q33 to 74th Street hub and cut the Q66 to Long Island City and Astoria.

It is important that the MTA truly hear us.  We rely on these buses.  For some it is a way to work or school, but for others the bus is the key to independence.

Please keep up the fight.  The MTA is now delaying the role out of the final plan.  But we MUST keep up the pressure.  We have been given no guarantees that the MTA will not eliminate service, that they will not bring back two-fare zones that they will not end most late night service.

The key now is to comment on line.  To watch for other meetings in our neighborhood and tell your neighbors and fellow bus riders about these proposed radical cuts to our service.  Many still do not know about these changes.

The MTA is learning that if you step on this neighborhood we will fight back.